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Sea to Sky Soils

Sea to Sky Soils

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About Us Sea to Sky Soils

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Sea to Sky Soils diverts organic waste from being landfilled at Squamish Landfill. The organic waste is comprised of primarily municipal food waste from residential and commercial sources, yard and green waste. The organic waste is diverted from the landfills, and instead is aerobically composted at the Sea to Sky composting facility in Pemberton, BC. By diverting organic waste from the landfill, the project successfully reduces Greenhouse Gas (GHG), primarily Methane (CH4) which, is produced via conventional landfilling processes (anaerobic decomposition). In turn, not only are GHG’s being avoided, but also a sustainable soil amendment is produced which can enhance the local agriculture industry in the Sea to Sky Region.

Community: Squamish

Sector: Household Organic Waste Composting

Type: Waste Management