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Net Zero Waste - Abbotsford Inc.

Net Zero Waste - Abbotsford Inc.

Voluntary Credits, Price/tonne of CO2e: 30

Available Voluntary Credits 7,319

About Us Net Zero Waste - Abbotsford Inc.

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Net Zero Waste Inc. was recently successful in its bid to design build, own and operate a food, green and agricultural waste commercial composting facility for the City of Abbotsford. This facility will be responsible for the treatment of organic waste for Abbotsford’s approximately 150,000 residents and provide a vital processing option for other commercial and agricultural wastes produced in the Fraser Valley. Our facility design will utilize an in-vessel design by placing the standard Gore Cover Processing Model inside of a building with secondary biofilter control. Furthermore, through the use of waste heat energy recovery, this site will utilize the high temperatures experienced below our compost piles to provide heat to greenhouses or other indoor agricultural initiatives, further improving the sustainability of the entire operation. Agricultural initiatives already underway by the landowner have always been the primary component of the site operation with hog barns redeveloped to indoor farming and vermicomposting operations. Our compost operation provides a significant opportunity for waste heat recovery, further improving the sustainability of all initiatives while encouraging the construction of greenhouses. NetZero Waste has focused its operational strategy around the Gore Cover System which is based on a membrane laminate technology similar to that of the Gore-Tex fabrics used for outerwear and footwear. Installed in more than 150 plants in 26 countries world wide, the benefits of the Gore Cover System include odor reduction of 90-97%; Bio-aerosol Emissions reduction of greater than 99 percent; less than 1 KWH/ton Energy Requirement and a three square feet/ton space requirement. Our compost is certified organic by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI), making it ideal for organic producers in the Fraser Valley Regional District and beyond.

Community: Abbotsford

Sector: Organic Waste Composting

Type: Waste Management