The Community Carbon Marketplace model matches carbon credits buyers with local sellers, businesses, and organizations who have taken the steps to reduce their emissions. Our goal is to support small greenhouse gas reducing projects to result in an online “Farmer’s Market version of the Carbon Market,” where buyers can feel good about supporting local initiatives. Each purchase of a Community Carbon Credit (C3) is an investment that helps support the local economy and fosters community resilience.  




Are you looking to fund your green initiative? Does your business have an eligible project that reduces energy use, prevents waste, follows sustainable practices, reduces GHG emissions? The CCM approach is for you. 

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Are you looking to balance your carbon footprint? Are you interested in supporting local green initiatives? The Community Carbon Marketplace is the place for you. 

Buyers wishing to balance their carbon footprint can choose credits from a selection of local qualified projects on our marketplace. 

Get started by using our online carbon calculator or sign-up to get a more detailed Carbon Footprint Assessment. 

Buyers have the option to issue a "request for carbon credits" that can stimulate new projects that might otherwise not occur. 

Once a credit is purchased as an offset, its unique identifier number is permanently retired. A fee from each sale supports the growth of the Community Carbon Marketplace. Part of the revenue will be used to help provide assessments for eligible projects that would otherwise not be able to afford access to the carbon market. 

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Local Government

The CCM supports communities who have signed the BC Climate Action Charter or who have Official Community Plan commitments to becoming carbon neutral. 

Our marketplace enables local governments, businesses and individuals to meet carbon-neutral objectives by purchasing community carbon credits from eligible projects that reduce GHG emissions and build community resilience. Local governments and other buyers can also issue a "request for carbon credits" that can stimulate new projects that might otherwise not occur. 

Local Governments can contract the CCM to learn more about how to partner in a four-phase program to build their own local Community Carbon Marketplace. The CCM model, and its economic benefits is a scalable model throughout communities. 

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Cowicahn Energy Alternatives (CEA), the CCM program developer, actively works with sellers and buyers to create a simple offset process to fund local green businesses. CEA works with municipalities and local businesses to match demand for carbon credits with appropriate GHG offsetting projects, thus creating and facilitating partnership opportunities through the Community Carbon Marketplace program. 

Founded in 2008, CEA works to create a new approach for providing energy and GHG emissions inventories, planning and reduction strategies, renewable energy feasibility studies and implementations, and leading local GHG reduction initiatives.