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1. Regional and Local Governments/Municipalities (Governments)that have committed to become carbon neutral and wish to do so through the purchase of CCCs/GHG reductions from local projects/proponents. The Climate Action Charter has been signed by 180 of 188 municipalities, committing them to become carbon neutral by 2012. A major theme at the past two UBCMs is dissatisfaction of municipalities in the current BC model which directs offsetting dollars outside of communities, and a preference for local solutions that invest back in the local economy.

2. Social Enterprises, Non-Profits, Co-ops and Private Businesses (Organizations)that wish to balance emissions from their operations

3. Individualsthat wish to balance their emissions from vehicle use, home heating, air travel, etc.

4. Potentially Crown Corporations and the Public Sectorwhich until now have been mandated to purchase offsets through the Pacific Carbon Trust. This has been a politically unpopular policy that is currently being challenged.

5. Businesses and Community Organizationsthat have operations/projects that reduce GHG emissions which can be quantified as community carbon credits and listed for sale.

6. Businesses and Community Organizationsthat wish to assess the potential for developing new GHG reduction projects or increase reductions from existing ones.

7. Governments, Businesses and Community Organizationsthat wish to better understand their energy and emissions through baseline/carbon footprint assessments.