Squamish Community Carbon Marketplace
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How it Works?

Call for Buyers: Squamish Community Carbon Marketplace

"Providing local solutions to reward sustainable business choices that reduce your carbon emissions"

Be our Carbon Neutral partner with the District of Squamish: Offset your emissions now with local projects

The District of Squamish is proud to announce its carbon neutrality through its own Community Carbon Marketplace (CCM), an online carbon exchange initiative supporting local projects that target Greenhouse Gas Emission reductions. The district is the first local government in BC to develop their own 4-Phase Community Carbon Marketplace, an initiative facilitated by the non-profit group Cowichan Energy Alternatives Society. All carbon credits that are generated through Squamish-based projects can be listed and sold through the marketplace for other buyers interested in offsetting their carbon footprint. This provides additional revenue to the local green initiatives and an opportunity for residents and businesses to decrease its carbon footprint.

Squamish Community Carbon Marketplace

How to become carbon neutral:

We take time to understand and review the GHG emissions produced by your organization’s business practice.
For businesses looking to become carbon neutral please fill out our buyer’s assessment form Businesses
For individuals looking to offset household or vacation emissions please use our carbon calculator Individuals

For individuals looking to offset household or vacation emissions please contact our office e-mail: info@communitycarbonmarketplace.org

We quantify the data of your organization’s GHG emissions inventory based on your assessments.

Purchase carbon credits:
Offset your emissions by selecting the Squamish greenhouse gas reduction project to purchase credits from the projects listed below.

Achieve carbon neutrality:
We provide you with a Carbon Neutral certificate when you purchase carbon credits to balance your GHG emissions.

  • To qualify as a listed greenhouse gas reducing project based in the Squamish region use the Community Carbon Marketplace qualification and self-assessment tool email us or give us a call at 250-597-1491
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Sea to Sky Soils

Voluntary Credits, Price/tonne of CO2e: N/A

Sea to Sky Soils diverts organic waste from being landfilled at Squamish Landfill. The organic waste is comprised of primarily municipal food waste from residential and commercial sources, yard and gr [ Read More ]

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West Coast Railway Association

Voluntary Credits, Price/tonne of CO2e: N/A

West Cost Railway’s project involves the installation of a heating system in the Squamish CN Roundhouse Building with lower annual greenhouse gas emissions than a conventional heating system. More s [ Read More ]