Duncan Community Carbon Marketplace
Now it pays to be sustainable!

How it Works?

Duncan Community Carbon Marketplace

"Providing new revenues to reward sustainable business choices that reduce carbon emissions"


Do you have a 'Green Project' that needs funding?

If your organization or business is working on a green project that reduces GHG emissions, such as using renewable fuel/energy, organics composting, land conservation/restoration etc, you may be doing more than a good thing for the environment – you may be generating revenue which, until now, you haven’t been able to access in the form of community carbon credits (C3s). These C3s can then be listed and sold through the CCM as part of the City’s objective of meeting its carbon-neutral commitment entirely from community sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. All the selected businesses and organization will be listed on the CCM as part of the Duncan Community Carbon Marketplace for purchase by the local governments within the region, and any other buyer that wishes to support local green initiatives while lowering their carbon footprint.

CCM not only provides a chance for you to generate additional funds, but also a platform for you to showcase your GHG reduction initiatives. Your listing on the CCM could be used for marketing, publicity, public announcements and generating funding campaigns.

The Community Carbon Marketplace (CCM) is an online exchange to buy and sell community carbon credits generated from a wide range of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction projects, such as switching from fossil fuels to biofuels or electric vehicles, diverting organics from landfill, building retrofits, etc. The Cowichan Energy Alternatives (CEA) is the CCM program administrator and actively works with sellers and buyers to create a simple and straightforward process.

Use CCM’s online project qualification and self-assessment tool to see if your project qualifies for moving on to the next step. If you are uncertain or need more information then email us at info@communitycarbonmarketplace.org or give us a call at 250-597-1491


  • To qualify as a listed greenhouse gas reducing project based in the Duncan region use the Community Carbon Marketplace qualification and self-assessment tool email us or give us a call at 250-597-1491
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