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  • The Community Carbon Marketplace Economic Development Initiative:

    The Community Carbon Marketplace (CCM) enables local governments, businesses and individuals to offset their carbon footprints by purchasing community carbon credits from local projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and build community resilience. This local investment creates a multiplier effect that supports community-based initiatives, green jobs and the ongoing growth of the low-carbon economy. For more information download our CCM Two Page Backgrounder.

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    The CCM will work with your community's vision for reducing GHGs as outlined in an Official Community Plan (OCP), Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP), or Climate Action Plan. It does this by providing a flexible mechanism for local governments to balance/offset emissions and create resilient communities through each of the three options outlined in the Green Communities Committee “Becoming Carbon Neutral: Guidebook for BC Local Governments”.

    • Invest in a GCC Supported Project
    • Invest in Alternate Community GHG Reduction Projects
    • Purchase Offsets from a Credible Provider

    For each option, we can help. Sign-up below for details on the CCM Economic Development Initiative and check out our community partnerships with other local governments listed under communities in our footer menu.

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  • Does your organization use renewable energies like solar power, biofuels or electric vehicles to reduce your GHG emissions? Are you decreasing energy use through building retrofits and upgrades? Are you planting trees, preserving forest land, or composting organics and diverting it from landfills? Then you may be eligible for community carbon credits that generate new revenues to reward sustainable business choices that also reduce GHG emissions.

    Not sure if you can afford the assessment process? We’re here to help. If your green initiatives reduce emissions by at least 50 tonnes CO2e then your project may generate enough revenues to finance your assessment and provide a return on your investment. To find out if you qualify, use our preliminary assessment tool below or contact us to find out more.

    According to GCC BCN Guidebook , 50 tonnes of CO2-e reductions can be achieved by reducing energy consumption by:

    • 19557 Liters (L), Aviation Fuel
      18630 Liters (L), Diesel
      22250 Liters (L), Gasoline
    • 32384 Liters (L), Propane
      1003 Gigajoules (GJ), Natural Gas
    • 298989 Liters (L), Biodiesel
      469633 Liters (L), Ethanol
    • 137137 kilograms (kg) Wood
    • 2000000 kiloWatt hour (kWh), BC Electricity
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    Not sure if you have an eligible GHG reduction project? To find out if your project qualifies, please take the time to fill out this form as completely as possible so we know how to best assist you.

Note: Your username and password will allow you to access the CCM marketplace and your user account after it has been approved

Preliminary Self-Assessment Tool


  • The CCM provides an accessible, transparent investment vehicle for investing in the success of green initiatives that have the greatest potential for making a difference. It sets an ethical precedent in the carbon market that true sustainability is about acting locally and thinking globally.

    A portion of all revenues generated through the sale of community carbon credits goes to support the CCM’s growing list of community GHG reduction projects and non-profit carbon offsetting services that truly demonstrate leadership by example.

  • Calculate your Carbon Footprint

    If you know how many tonnes you'd like to offset and/or if you would like to balance/offset a recent flight or trip for business etc visit our Carbon Footprint Calculator to calculate the associated emissions and invest in the community carbon credits to not only balance your emissions but also to support the local GHG reductions initiatives. You can do so by signing up below and creating your profile to choose from the growing list of local inspiring GHG reduction initiatives.

    CF calculator
  • Let’s get started

    Not sure how many tonnes you'd like to purchase? Or if you would like a qualified carbon accountant to calculate your or your business’s emissions, please sign up below and our team will get back to you. We can help you understand, reduce and balance your organization's emissions so that you and your organization achieve carbon neutral and beyond.

Note: Your username and password will allow you to access the CCM marketplace and your user account after it has been approved.